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Anthrocon - Report 3!

Wow, been a long day here. Only the first full day of the con, and I'm feeling its like Sunday. Anthrocon is not a easy con to attend because of the layout of the hotel and convention area and how far part things are here.

Honestly it sucks, but I cant blame Kage or the AC staff. It's just the way things have been built here. I wish the whole con was all in the Convention Center. I must have done several miles of walking back and forth. But despite the long distances to everywhere it's been worth it.

Now for the day: Opening Ceremonies went off without a hitch, besides the usual wireless mic problems (I've never seen them work right at any fur con) it was your usual basic staff introductions etc etc. Great opening video though!

Now at other cons I attend when the dealers room opens up... big deal, right?..  Here at AC its a HUGE freaking deal.

Right after opening ceremonies a huge mob of maybe 2000+ furs made a beeline for Hall C..and waited eagerly until it opened a little after noon. I've never seen a scene like this at any con before. Then this huge crowd runs into the largest furry merchandise store in the world like it's a "black friday" sale at Best Buy or Wal-Mart after thanksgiving.

Anyway I bought a bunch of comic books, DVD's, and had copies of "I.S.O." autographed by  Vince Suzukawa (who's "Class Menagerie" comic on Keenspot was one of the first things I stumbled upon back in 2003 that got me into this crazy fandom), and I also had a quick chat and bought a couple of Usagi Yojimbo books from Stan Sakaia.  I bought Critter's #1" way back in 1986 in a comic book store in Wichita KS before there was anything called the Furry Fandom. Talk about coming around full circle.

I just wish the dealer's den checkout was a lot faster.. I think I waited 45 minutes just in line just to get BBF's Eurofurence DVD from Tani Da Real. I really felt sorry for the 3 overloaded cashiers.  They need to move the dealers room to Hall A or B just for all the furs waiting in line.  (Update: they will be moving to the bigger hall B next year!) 

Floyd Norman (AC's "Guest of OK" this year) was really interesting. Today was just a basic Q&A session... for all the great work he's contributed to for Disney and Pixar he remains a humble guy. "Anthropholy" (a combo of The Match Game and The $100,000 pyramid) was run by KP (with Gneech, 2, Ronin Otter and Yappyfox as the panelists).. it brought back good memories of the crazy game shows they've held at Megaplex.

Right after that Uncle Kage was had his story Hour..and though he has been great at FWA and Megaplex he was just incredible at AC. I mean I've heard the "Good Uncle" tell a few of these stories before, but he had his natural storytelling comic timing down to "set to stun" tonight. Furs were crying with laughter at his stories. It was just an awesome evening.

I met some old furends, chatted with artists and other furs that I've admired for years but have never had the chance to meet IRL before, seen some cool and weird new fursuits.. and took a lot of pictures. (my first 2 gig SD Card is almost full... but I've brought a couple more cards to fill)

I'm exhausted but I'm really having a blast at AC... wish you were here...I just wish there were more of the close knit group of Southern Furs that always show up at Megaplex, FWA, RCFM or MFM here.

Anthrocon ain't no "relax-a-con" for sure!
....More to come.


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