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Anthrocon - Report 5!

Wow, where to start.... Last night the masquerade was fun despite some sound problems.. some of the skits that used pre-recorded voice tracks sounded like they were coming over a phone line. 2's Rant was great as usual, it was good to hear some new material after being burned out hearing the same stories and jokes at earlier cons. After the evening events I headed back for the hotel and then checked out a fursuit dance held over here by YappyFox and Rory. Of course you know they played a lot of cheese (rickroll!) and I had more fun over there than the dances over at the ballroom.

Around 1 am Just for the heck of it I went over to the convention center one last time and >>Holly F--k Green LASERS<< in the ballroom!  Finally the place looked like a rave instead of a dark hole. Those lasers should have been "in effect" for thursday and friday's dances. I shot lots of photos of the dance and I hope they look good.

Today I woke up around 9:00 am and after a quick egg muffin breakfast checked out Nonsanity Cat's panel at 11 am. He showed several Fluff & Such puppet videos and showed how he used green screening and Adobe After Effects to create them.  A quick lunch in the huge dealers room (Hot Dog) and then checked out the fursuit games. Instead of your usual party games and P.E. things like Dodgeball and Tug-Of-War they had some unusual team skill and thinking games this time (just don't let CorsiMouse and Cake ever team up together!) .

Around the same time they had the Fursuit dancing contest - awesome except we had a scare when Media Wolf decided to fake a sprained leg "charley horse" and scared everyone in the audience who thought he'd had broken something..including the staff or Dorsi who called for help. I got video of Neo Pan Tyger dance but my second 2 gig card was almost full so I took a lot of pics instead to fill it up... 4 gigs worth of pics and video.

A really crazy closing ceremonies to cap off the con, and then I rushed back to the hotel to print out my NWA boarding passes for tomorrows flight. BTW I want to thank the furs who ran the Tigerden internet suite for the free (and necessary) net access.

I needed supper...soo walked over to Fernando's and it was CLOSED, then to the Steel City Diner - CLOSED... so I stopped by a local pizza joint called Pizza Parma and got a (yummy) small pizza, then walked back two blocks in the rain back to my hotel room and scarfed down..

The Dead Dog dance was great...might have been the best dance of the con. Great music from 70's-80's cheese to modern trance and lots of fursuiters going crazy. Even some cockroach got out and danced for a few minutes before they shut it down around 1 am. (I was taking a long shower and in bed by then)

Now I hope I can catch a quick shuttle ride to the airport early tomorrow for a noon flight.

To wrap it up Anthrocon was overwhelming and exhausting yet an awesome experience for me. My feet are dead but I still feel good about coming. Except for some minor tiny things I have no gripes. Kage and crew did a awesome professional job running things. And I didn't see any major drama or controversy yet that plagues most cons. Lots of furs all over the place, so/too many things to do with lots and LOTS of walking to get everywhere.

Will I attend AC again?? Well maybe.. Things on the southern furry con scene are quickly changing. Texas has a new furry con - furryfiesta in Dallas next February and its a "sure thang" I will attend.fwa is moving into a new downtown Atlanta hotel a month later and rcfm may be doing the same thing in Huntsville.

megaplex is moving to July back to Orlando and it's so close to AC. I love MP so much (It will be my forth time attending) and I may make it a week long vacation for the theme parks. Cash is gonna be tight, so AC in '09 may be a no go for me.

But I'm so damn glad I made it to AC this year! Anthrocon is something every furry should attend at least once in their lifetime. I  had a blast.

Datzit from the Steel City.. Photos and videos coming later this week..

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